Links & Friends

sites you might want to visit

Listed below are some links to friends, organizations and events that share our chapter’s mission. These institutions and organizations are not necessarily endorsed or associated with People to People International.

People to People International (S)
Our parent organization’s website.

Global Compassion (S)
Reaching out, changing lives. Khamran Community Project in Manipur, India. Founder Indira Oskavarik.

Helping Hearts Helping Hands (S)
An orphanage in Honduras with Michigan roots.

Chinese Cultural Ongoing Program (CCOP) (S)
Promotes student interaction with Chinese Culture and Traditions.

Chinese Cultural Group of Greater Grand Rapids (CCGGGR)

Parents’ Circle – Family Forum
Bereaved Families Supporting Reconciliation & Peace in the Isreali/Palestinian conflict

The Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center
Father Nabil D. Haddad – Executive Director

International Student Project (S)
Helping Iraqi students get university educations in the United States

Architecture for Humanity (S)
A non-profit started by Cameron Sinclair to organize designers and architects in the effort of helping create the built environment in areas of the world needing such assistance.

Nonviolent Peaceforce (S)
Taking a forceful stand for peace since 1999. Unarmed, Professional Civilian Peacekeeping—Peace in Action. contact Jeanne Lound Schaller for more information.

Michigan Peace Team
Pursuing peace through active nonviolence in places of conflict.

(S) Indicates the Midland Chapter of PTPI has financially supported this institution or project.


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