October Event


On behalf of the chapter, I would like the thank Jim and JoAnn Mentele for hosting the September meeting. The “goodies” were wonderful and the film on Russia was interesting. Everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves.

Our next meeting will be on the second Monday, October 14, 2013. The presentation will be given by Mr. Peter Sinclair. He will be speaking on his invitation to travel with an international scientific team, the Dark Snow Project, to the Greenland Ice Sheet. Greenland is a major focus for research due to the fact that it is the northern hemisphere’s largest ice sheet. The world’s fastest moving glacier is located in Greenland and with Greenland’s ice representing potentially 22 feet of sea level rise, the studying of the Ilulisat glacier and its movements is necessary to understanding the future impacts of global climate change. The environment is for all the people of the world and hence is a legitimate concern of PTPI. Mr. Sinclair is a videographer and environmental advocate and is well known within the environmental circles. He is also a Midland resident.

With the large interest with the program, it will be a fundraiser for the organization therefore the location will be Griswold Lecture Hall on the campus of Northwood University at 7 p.m. The cost will be a charge of $5 dollars for those that wish to attend.

Coffee and cookies will be served with the conclusion of the presentation.

Please feel free to invite anyone that you feel would be interested in the program. The more in attendance, the more money we make! It is necessary, that I have a general count of how many individuals will be attending. Please call me at 835-2567 if you plan on coming to the October meeting.

Those that would like to attend but do not wish to drive, please let me know so that arrangements can be made for transportation.

Midland Chapter President,
Deb Teot


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