PTPI Midland, Michigan

may 2011 chapter newsletter

The Midland Chapter of PTPI would like to thank Mr. Albert Brown for his presentation last month on his homeland of Ghana. It was very informative and enjoyed by all who attended.

Our next meeting will be our annual potluck held Monday June 6, 2011, at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 2405 Lynn Rd. in Sanford. Members are asked to bring a dish to pass that will serve 8. Please also bring your own table service. The club will provide chicken as the main dish. Please call Erika Smith (835-8055) or Fran Mann (832-2257) by Friday June 27 so that the right amount of chicken can be purchased. Please let them know what dish you plan to bring when you speak with them. (We don’t want all salad and no dessert.) Transportation will be provided for those who don’t drive at night. Let us know if you need a ride.

We are very happy to report that Marion Newman’s surgery went well. She reports that she is able to see much better now. Very good news indeed!

Please come to the meeting ready to participate in our discussion. We will discuss the expanded summer schedule, the need to plan for special events, short trips to cultural centers/events and dinner meetings with speakers. We need to decide where we are going to meet and if we want to renew the contract with Northwood. We have a lot to discuss about the future of our chapter so it’s important that we have as many members there as possible. Remember, this is your club and participation (in any form) is necessary by everyone.

The Saginaw Chapter will be meeting on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at The Anderson Enrichment Center for their annual potluck. Please call the Saginaw Chapter Secretary, Eve Hirsh at 989-792-5180 for more information.

See you all in June,

Deb Teot, President
Midland, Michigan Chapter, PTPI


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